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- Large INA bearing inner ring remove oil pressure

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The screw hole cover usual blind plug, the separation of tapered roller bearing type INA bearings, incision in shell blocking shoulders set out a few place, use block, remove by press, or tap the disassembly.After disassembly, if continue to use, or need to check turbine bearing the status of INA bearings, the disassembly will also done carefully and installation.Width of INA bearings, oil pressure method and drawing fixture and disassembly operations. Large INA bearing inner ring remove oil pressure method is used.Remove the inner ring, can use the press out the simplest.According to the need to design disassembly tool is also very important.Moreover, as shown in the pull-out fixture also is to use more, vertical bearing regardless of the fixture, it must be firmly stuck inside.com/ down, and the operation is difficult.Outer ring of the removal of interference fit of the outer ring, whether in setting several outer shell on the circumference of a circle of extrusion screw with screws, one side equal to tighten the screw, remove.By setting the INA bearing hydraulic oil hole, in order to make easy to pull out.For this, we need to consider the size of the axle gear shoulder, or research on block shoulders processing groove, in order to use drawing fixture.At this time, must pay attention to the inner ring under the pulling force.Careful not to damage the INA bearing parts, especially interference fit SKF Bearings http://www.needle-roller-bearing.NU, NJ cylindrical roller bearing inner ring remove can take advantage of the induction heating method.When disassembly, removal methods, according to drawing order, with the survey INA bearing conditions, foolproof for disassembly operations.In a short time heating the local, make the inner ring expansion after drawing method.Need to install a large number of such INA bearing inner ring, also use induction heating method. The removal of INA bearings is regular maintenance, in the INA bearing replacement

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